Q & A

Q. What is “Kanji House”?

A. We will put your personality, your favorites and the pronunciation of your name into Japanese handwriting called Kanji after knowing your feature by chatting.
And we will draw your name in beautiful Japanese calligraphy.

Q. When are you open?

A. Our business hours are 10:00~20:00 and we are closed on Tuesday and Thursday. You need to reserve before you come.
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Q. Can I take a picture at Kanji House?

A. Sure! You will enjoy taking pictures because Kanji House is decorated as a traditional Japanese room, and all of our staff wear Japanese Kimono.

Q. How long does it take from Sensoji Temple?

A. It takes 5 minutes or so.
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Q. Can I visit with small children?

A. Yes, of course! Your children's Kanji name will be nice gifts when they grow up.

Q. How can I get more information of your service?

A. Please feel free to send a message on Facebook or by email!
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Q. Can you draw my Kanji name that I've already had in calligraphy?

A. Yes we can! But the price will be the same as usual...

Q. Can I try calligraphy?

A. Yes! It will take 1,000 yen for one person.
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Q What can I make with origami?

A. We usually make crane, kimono, and pokemon with our customers, but we will try to comply with your requests if you have!
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Q. How can we experience a guided tour in other place?

A. We recommend Huber., a platform for matching local people who want to introduce their local spots and favorite activities, and people from abroad who want to get to know locals.
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Q. Do you have any other recommended places in Tokyo?

A. You can see many costumes and swords of samurai at SAMURAI MUSEUM.
And you can enjoy samurai training at YUMENOYA. And you can find a lot of information about good places for Japanese experience on Soak up Japan or MATCHA.
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*RESERVATION IS REQUIRED at least 24 HOURS before the desired time.
If you'd like to come within 24 hours, please send us a message on Facebook or by email as soon as possible, before you come to Kanji House.