Online Service

What's Online Service?

We started an online service so that everyone in the world
can make your own Kanji Name
without coming to kanji House.
We will make your name in Kanji and write it in calligraphy
at the same quality as visitors who can come to the store.

After creating your name and writing on Japanese Scroll,
we will send the completed products by ship.
(it takes 2-3 weeks.)


1. First of all, Be Excited!! It is a start of your journey.

“Hi, I am Kouki. Today I am going to create my KanjiName by online service. I am very excited to have my Kanji Name.”

2. Please make an reservation from reservation form checking online service.We will contact you on Facebook or or by email for the adjustment of schedule within 24 hours.

3. After having decided reservation time with Kanji House staff, We start a session using of the communication application.

4. Starting service. The staff will ask you some question about your personality and the things you like to do. Be honest and just enjoy!!

“It is very hard to describe myself. But I try to get the most suitable Kanji!!”

“I am very impressed with Shodo performance. Even though I am not there, I feel the spirit.”

5. After finishing service, we'll mail those goods to you after payment.

“I finally got this!!I really like it. Thank you so much.”



contact us on Facebook (Recommended) / Email

*RESERVATION IS REQUIRED at least 24 HOURS before the desired time.
If you'd like to come within 24 hours, please send us a message on Facebook or by email as soon as possible, before you come to Kanji House.

Address: 2F 1-8-10 Hanakawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Business Hours: 10:00~20:00

*Reservation is required at least 24 hours before the desired time.

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