About us

“Make the World full of People who Love Japan”

A lot of people from overseas visit famous places and restaurants which are on the guidebooks.
However, from Japanese perspective,
the atmosphere of those places which the visitors can feel is only a part of Japan.

Japanese people know what real Japan is like much more than the guidebooks.
Since the visitors come to Japan all the way from far countries, we want them to
know Japan more, find real Japan more and love Japan more.

We believe that communicating with visitors and letting them feel what real Japan is like
will make the world full of people who love Japan.

What's New?

2016. 8. 2   Appeared on “Yummy Japan” (Facebook)

2016. 5. 20   Appeared in Japanese magazine “Summer PIA” (PIA Corporation)

2016. 5. 4   Appeared on “Asa-chan” (TBS TV)

2016. 4. 15   Appeared on “2MINS JAPAN” (You Tube)

2016. 3. 22   Appeared in Japanese magazine “Nihonjin no Shiranai TOKYO” (PIA Corporation)

2015. 12. 20   500 customers came to Kanji House!

2015. 7. 21   Kanji House Opened


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