Japanese concierges in Kimono will express who you are based on conversation, and write it in Calligraphy.

It will be an unique souvenir for yourself or your loved one.

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What's Kanji?

Many Kanji have the same pronunciation,
but they all have different meanings.

Get to know deeply with an example!



Juan is a father of 1-year-old-twin-children, Lorenzo and Renata. He came to Japan with his friends from Argentina. Christmas was just around the corner, so Juan chose Kanji Name as presents for them.
Juan gave me rich information about them, so I could easily imagine that Renata is mature for her age and like a big sister and Lorenzo is a naughty boy but everyone loves him. I chose Kanji carefully to express their personalities exactly.


What you do is so beautiful. I was so lucky to visit you. It was definitely the most emotional moment of all my visit to Japan.
I gave my wife your creation as a present for Christmas, and told her about Kanji House and the way you listened to me talking about Lorenzo and Renata. She was so touched that she even cried. Renata and Lorenzo have their own names in Kanji now. It will be very exciting to see them grow up and tell them the story too.
Thank you so much!